Life Is TOO Short!!
Has Your Life Changed, But Your CAREER Is Stuck?

Are You Ready To Thrive, Not Just Survive and Make a
Fortune Doing What You WANT to Do For a Living?

When you think about yourself, have you thought “How did I get here? This is not the life I imagined.” Time flies! One day you’re in college and before you know it, your kids are in college. Maybe the job you took temporarily became permanent. Maybe something else kept you from getting your dream job. Things happen. Life happens. Times change and so have you.

Life Coaching Matters is about regaining that feeling of empowerment and being able to make a fortune doing what you WANT to be doing for a living. I transform people’s lives by helping them solve problems and achieve goals. That feeling of being filled with power means a great deal to most of us…it may come to mean even more to those who have felt it’s loss. This loss of empowerment can happen for many reasons: maybe you’ve lost your job, had an illness, went through a divorce, and sometimes it’s just because you’ve gotten older and see the world differently. Having experienced these events opens your eyes in ways that you might not have known otherwise; you often see life, your work, your relationships, much differently afterwards.  My role as a Transformational Career Coach and experienced business person is to help you become your empowered self. It’s time to THRIVE, not just SURVIVE!

Discover through a powerful coaching program the life that was intended for you.


Explore-In a safe and comfortable environment you will begin to confidentially express your thoughts, passions, needs, strengths, weaknesses, and wishes.
Mission-You will begin to figure out what you’d like to accomplish. What would make you happier.
Present Moment-you will no longer be immersing yourself in the past, you will begin to access the now and move away from any sadness you might have.
Originate a Plan-You’ll set a goal and begin to move towards you’re more positive future.
Word of Honor-Commitment to the plan-it takes patience, time and desire, but it’s so worth it.
Energy-Your new perspectives will powerfully energize you and engage you in your life.
Resolution and responsibility-You know what you want, you know how to get it; the more you practice, the more you will be living the life you imagined.

Although Life Coaching Matters is based in New York, our coaching practice is national, with clients across the United States. We’re able to set up sessions on the phone or through Skype.

For a limited time, get your FREE one-on-one 30 minute “Discover Your Dream Career” Coaching Session NOW!!! call: 646-775-2747 or email: heidi@LifeCoaching-Matters.com TODAY.

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